About our Swim School

We do things differently at Westbury Swim School. Our classes (exception Lane Swim) have a water-based teacher to guide your child through the learning process.

Baby Year classes, we guide parents and their babies in the water. The first swimming class can be a nervous time for a parent. We show you how to confidently support your baby in different positions & strengthen baby’s muscles.

Pre-school Years is the first time a young child will be introduced to an independent swimming lesson. We believe this ‘hands on’ approach helps your child overcome their fear of water and eases them into their weekly class.

Primary School Years, we know that children are visual learners. Teachers demonstrate the skills (floating, leg kick, breathing) this really helps your child to learn, understand and successfully improve their water confidence.

Happy Fish (additional needs). We are experienced in providing classes to children that benefit from a different approach to swimming. Parents are in the water with their child too, this is the best way to learn to swim. We use visuals and some lámh signs to augment the swimming class.