Baby Years

At our classes you can immerse your baby/toddler in a sensory rich environment. We use directional language and specific words (kick, jump, splash) this is great for your little ones understanding. Singing songs and repetition of words also benefits language development.

Swimming helps promote important muscle development and control in babies particularly neck and tummy muscles. At class time Splashing, kicking and moving on front and back is really encouraged, this improves body co-ordination. The ‘deep’ pressure from the water helps babies/ toddlers relax.

Key Course Features

  • Early learning water confidence
  • Happy face in water
  • Fearless submersion
  • Safety at wall
  • Bonding time with Parent
  • Relaxed after class
  • Muscle Strengthening
  • Confidence moving on Front and Back

Excellent Instructors, friendly knowledgeable


Marie-Anne is an amazing instructor. Lots of experience and your child will be in very safe hands.


One of the best swimming classes for kids out there! Marie-Anne is an amazing teacher.


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