Our swimming terms run over 6 weeks.
Swimming classes are for 30 minutes each week.
Our terms usually run from September to June (we do not have lessons on Bank Holidays, Christmas, Easter or during the School Summer Holidays).
Our terms are for 6 weeks only.
Yes, Parent / Guardians participate in the class with their little ones over the 6 week term.
Parents will need their swim wear and swim hats. Babies/Toddler will need a swim nappy (disposable or reusable)
No, babies/toddlers must have a swim nappy. Regular nappies break up in the swimming pool resulting in pool closure.
Children should have swim wear , swim hats and goggles.
Parents will need swim wear and swim hat. Children will need swim wear, swim hat and swim underwear (if appropriate). Personal sensory toys are encouraged.
The easiest type of goggles to use have a fixed nose piece and an adjustable head strap (any brand is fine).
If you are a member of the Kingsley Health Club or a member of Actons Leisure then, yes of course. If you are not a member you may not use the facilities.