Pre-school Years

From 2 ½ years children can participate in small independent group lessons. During the classes our core goal is water confidence. We work extensively on floating and independent movement in the water. Our belief is that all children should be exposed to deep water and have the necessary safety skills to help themselves such as jumping in and safely returning to the wall.

Key Course Features

  • Floating on Front
  • Floating on Back
  • Independent Movement without support
  • Submersion under water without support
  • Picking up weighted toys from bottom of pool
  • Jumping into deep water and returning to wall
  • Safe Entry to the pool
  • Following age-appropriate teaching directions

Would highly recommend Westbury Swim School. The instructors are very patient even with the most anxious of children.


Thank you for your lessons. My son was complemented by a lifeguard on holidays for his advanced swimming technique at such a young age.


Best thing we ever did was starting our boys swimming with Marie-Anne.


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